Organic Seedlings

As part of Withcott seedlings approach of improving the quality of their seedlings we are now providing fully certified organic seedlings.

We specialise in providing the best varities of seasonal vegetable seedlings all grown under Certified Organic processes and procedures.

Our Organic Seedlings are grown using organic seeds, seeds that have not been treated, altered or tampered with. They are raised using organic inputs and do not rely on artifical stimulants to get them going. For seeds or seedlings to be classified as certified they must adhere to regulations set out by our various organic certifiers.


Withcott Seedlings prides themselves on providing top of the range seedlings and as such varieties grown will depend on a review of what the customer is after and whether we believe we can grow it.


The minimum Seeded quantity is 5,000, dependant on variety.


Nursery opening  hours are Monday to Friday 7am - 4pm for wholesale orders.

Deliveries 6 days a week by prior arrangement.

Closed to the public.

Visitors welcome by appointment only.

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